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Posted 17/01/11

Keenan Seafood Limited
Blackstaff Road
Kennedy Way
BT11 9DT

Telephone: 028 9061 8088
Fax: 028 9043 1096


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keenan seafood keenan seafood keenan seafood


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Jordan Dugan (Executive Chef) Anchorage Holywood: "Keenan Seafood is the only fish company in Northern Ireland that I know I can trust. Quality, fast deliveries and great customer service. Gerry Keenan, Robert Shanks and James Carmichael always go above and beyond compared to other seafood suppliers. Being the Executive Chef of a Seafood restaurant I need good quality seafood at reasonable prices and Keenan Seafood have never let me down. I have used Keenan's for many years now and I can safely say I will continue to use Keenan's for many years to come."